<<7月のチルコロ営業日程のお知らせ JUL Day off schedule  >>

平日は08:00から午後17:00 (L/O 16:30)、週末は07:00から午後18:00(L/O 17:30)とさせていただきます。

For JUL, Circolo will have Day Off every Friday and JUL/18&24(Both MON).
For Weekday, we will open fm 08:00 till 17:00, weekend 07:00 till 18:00 (L/O 17:30).

Looking for to see you!!

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<<僕がアイアンマン・ハワイに出場する意義 What I can Display for IM KONA Challenge??>

Ironman KONAまで今日で110日。 それなりに練習をこなすが相変わらずの絶対的パワー不足に焦燥感は高まる一方。 
その為か感情の起伏が激しく自分でも戸惑う。  クルクルペダルを回しながら自己の内面に集中していく。

甲子園には21世紀枠で特別に出場出来る枠がある。 戦績や社会的背景、話題性などを考慮して選別されるそう。
Ironmanレガシー枠もこの21世紀枠と同じ主旨ではないかと考えるとポテンシャルが圧倒的不足している僕がハワイに出場するコトの意義もおぼろげながら見えてくるのではないか。 ジャイアントキルの様なミラクルは起こせないし、リザルトも恐らくパッとしないのはいわば、仕方ない。

110Days till Ironman KONA today.
Getting so nerv more and more but Bike Power is still so much under than I expect...
Struggling these negative circumstance but keep, somehow, exercise every day.
During the training, consider about what is the significance point of my KONA Challenge.

Obviously, I can't expect certain level of Race result with my potential.
However, If I can display my effort, struggling even looks miserably, people, even myself, are impressed with the trial.
To be impressed & satisfied with myself effort, I only keep riding my Bike...

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
(淡路島のレンタル ロードバイク、レンタサイクルはコチラから!)⬇️

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<<淡路島は野ゆりの季節 Season of Lily in Awaji Island>

淡路島をバイクライドしていると山に自生しているゆりの香りがほのかに香ってくることがあります。 特に洲本から南下、水仙峡の近辺でもどこからともなくゆりの香りが漂ってきます。 淡路島は香りの島、線香工場の豊な香りや炭焼きアナゴの美味しい香りだけでなく、菜の花や水仙、ゆりなど季節ごとの花々の香りもサイクリング中に楽しめます。 ぜひ、今週末(日曜はお天気が心配ですが)には自転車で淡路島に!!

In this season, in Awaji Cycling, you can enjoy the Scent of Lily flower especially when you passing the Sth Awaji, around "SUISENKYOU".
While you cycle in Awaji Island, you can enjoy many Type of Scent, such as Scent fm Incense Factory (See our last Blog mentioned about Incense Factory in Awaji Island Incense Tour Guide ), Rape Flower, Narcissus Flower and Wild Lily Flower.
This Weekend, why don't you come Awaji Island for Cycling to search the Scent of Lily flower?

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
(淡路島のレンタル ロードバイク、レンタサイクルはコチラから!)⬇️
circolo official website

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<<魔改造! 8速デュラ11速シンクロシフト化! Modification fm 8Speed Dura to 11S Di2 Synchro>>

20年以上の古女房Bike、キャファVのシンクロシフト化は難航を極めたが、若きメカニック、ぽたりんぐぅの代表・當眞氏の技術より現在のスペックに見事に蘇った。 既に500キロを走るが非力なEg以外は全く問題無し。 ぽたりんぐぅWEB

20年以上前のフレームなのでDi2対応など皆無。 しかも26インチ(リヤバック390mm)なのでチェンラインが極端と技術的な壁が次々と立ちはだかるも、氏の高度な機転力と技術力でなんとかクリヤー。 

Dura8S Di2 Synchro Movie


For Ironman Hawaii/KONA, Need to take my very Old bike, KIJAFA V9000, more than 20years old. Since these 20years, I travel all around the world with this Bike for each Ironman Games... However, need to quite complicated modification so that adopt 11S Speed Synchro Sifter Di2.
Again, Original Frame is more than 20years old, V-shape carbon Bike (No Top tube). Only can be ride at Ironman (Out fm UCI Requirement).
Also 26inch Wheel, that mean back length is only 390mm. This cause severe chain line setting...
With such many difficulties, our mechanic, Mr. Touma, achieve quite high level of modification.
Most of it, he adopt 11Speed Synchro Shift with VERYYYY OLD 8Speed Dura-Ace Rear Hub. Above Youtube show how it works.

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
(淡路島のレンタル ロードバイク、レンタサイクルはコチラから!)⬇️
circolo official website

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<<ビワは自然のADEステーション? What you should try in Awaji Isl. "LOQUAT">>

One of the famous products of Awaji Island, such as "AWAJI Beef" "Awaji Onion", "Fresh Fish", "LOQUAT" ("BIWA" in Japanese)".
Not so popular fruit but it is unique & quite seasonable one that you can feel the real "Summer coming", since Loquat market is too small and
no one cultivate it with Greenhouse....

Anyway, Not only Cultivating BIWA, but also you can find native (wild?) Biwa in Awaji Island in this season.
You even can find out native one along to coast road. Thus, If you find native BIWA tree, it can be a great ADE Station to replenish your thirst.

Needless to say, You carefully check whether it is CULTIVATING one or NATIVE...
Cultivating one alway covered with Paper bag to avoid any bird attack.
BIWA (Loquat) season is too short. Maybe 2weeks, MID/JUN.

Enjoy AWAJI Cycling and Safe Ride!!

小さいモノなら2ツくらい、ジャージでさっと拭いて口に放り込みモゴモゴ。 質素ですが自然の甘さと酸っぱさがライドで疲れた体に染み渡ります!

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
(淡路島のレンタル ロードバイク、レンタサイクルはコチラから!)⬇️
circolo official website

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