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"<<Guide for Cycling Around Awaji Island ""AWAICHI""  >>"

Awaji Island is one of the best destinations for bike tours in the Kansai Area.
It has a great landscape including the Gulf of Osaka, many restaurants with fresh ingredients from Awaji Island, a variety of cycling routes and open-armed hospitality of people on the island make for an exciting trip.
This is why Awaji Island attracts countless cyclists from around the Kansai region who visit the island to cycle or train even during the winter season.
A round-trip ride of Awaji Island is called "AWA-ICHI" which is an abbreviation of the Japanese, “round-trip (bike ride) of
Awaji Island”, or "AWAJI-Shima Isshuu ".
The total distance of AWA-ICHI is 150km, with approx. 1500m of total elevation.
For the average cyclist, this may take a full day of cycling, while taking several stops to rest and enjoy an Awaji lunch.

In this article we will focus on the route guide, looking at several especially complicated places where it is easy to get lost.
The Basic AWA-ICHI starts at the north of the island, IWAYA, one entrance of the island and port where boats connect with the mainland, Kobe/Akashi.
(How to reach to Awaji Island by Boat: refer http://circoloh.exblog.jp/27693418/ )

The island also can be reached by highway bus from the center of KOBE City, SANNOMIYA Station to IWAYA
(How to transfer fm KOBE by Bus: refer http://circoloh.exblog.jp/27811389/ )
From SANNOMIYA to IWAYA/UZAKI Bus Station is just in front of our Cafe, Circolo.
It takes 45 min. & the bus fare is 900yen.

Start cycling from North Awaji Island, IWAYA. Start your ride by going clockwise around the island by following route #28 down to the south.

"Enjoy the coast-side ride and pass beside Westin Hotel Awaji, then down to HIGASHIURA Town."

"Be careful about traffic when you pass through the town.
It is not as busy as Osaka or Kobe but please be careful of the local drivers as they do not drive so well.
In particular, elderly local drivers may not recognize bicycles well."

"After riding for 10km, you will reach a funny Buddha statue temple, that is already closed and in ruins."

"Soon after you pass the statue, you will come to a fork in the road. Bikes should stay left, the road to the right is the bypass for cars."

"After you take the road to the left, pass through SANO Town, an old fishing village. After about a 3km-ride through the fishing village, you will meet up again with the car bypass road above. "

"Then, proceed south through SIZUKI Town, and continue your ride to the center of the island, SUMOTO City."

"The entrance to SUMOTO City is ""TAKENOGUCHI North"".

For ""AWAICHI"" take the left pass over the iron bridge (Route #76)."

"Soon you will pass “MARUNAKA"" (a big supermarket), and
"Pass SUMOTO Onsen (hot spring) town."
"After about a 3km-ride from ""TAKENOGUHI"" intersection, you will see a convenience store, ""Family Mart,” on your left."
"The convenience store is almost the last store until halfway point, FUKURA Town, at the south of Awaji Island."
It is a good idea to take a rest for the first half of the ride.
"After about 6km, you will reach to YURA Town, through the entrance gate bridge."
"Passing through the village, you will reach to YURA Junior High School. "
"Turn left at the intersection just past the school to continue your AWAICHI. It is very easy to lose your way here. Please be careful!!!"

"Passing a shipyard you will reach a fork in the road"

"Take the right toward the hill, ""TACHIKAWA SUISENKYOU"", the highest peak, a climb of around 150m."

"Descend to the coastal road and you will cycle with a Great view"

"After about 8km, you will pass through HABU fishing village, the gateway to NUSHIMA Island by boat."
"With Awaji Island on your right side, start the climb up the 100m high steep slope."

"From the top, ride down to AMA Town. "

"Please be careful of the point where you have to turn left. The following picture is the intersection to turn left, Route #25 to FUKURA Town."

"After around 200m, you will reach a Y-shape intersection. Both ways will take you to FUKURA Town"
"If you take left road, via FUKIAGE Camping site, you can enjoy a panoramic outlook of the huge NARUTO Bridge toward SHIKOKU Island."
"Enjoy the downhill ride into FUKURA Town, a popular tourist destination and famous for NARUTO Whirlpool Tour or museum of the traditional puppet show, ""NINGYOU-JYOURURI""."
"By this point, you will have ridden around 75km, the half-way point of ""AWAICHI"" Ride.
Enjoy the local food, fish or Awaji Pork for your lunch."

"Also there is a convenience store there. You can replenish your bottles or gels"

"After you take a rest at these points, take the road along the fishing port.

Be careful, there are some complicated points so you may get lost."
"Passing through the village, you will soon reach a Y-shaped intersection. Take the left (go straight) road."

"Then soon you will see the following corner"
"Turn right and go up the quite steep slope for around 20m, then turn right to keep climbing, heading toward ANAGA town."

"After several ups & downs, you will reach to the following T-shape intersection"
"If you turn right, you can take a short cut. For a full ""AWAICHI"", turn left to MARUYAMA fishing village, which leads to the west side coastal road."

"Pass through the village and enjoy the coastal road, with a great view of huge windmill generators on your right side."
"Then, you will reach a traditional Japanese roof tile factory village area, MINATO Town."
"The tiles are famous for their unique dark gray and silver color. You will see their bridge with uses the material."
"Go across the bridge into MINATO town"

"Pass in front of the small stores"

"Turn right for ""AWAICHI"" route"

"Passing through MINATO Town, you will soon reach to ""KEINO-MATSUBARA"", a famous beach spot, and continue on Route #31"

"After this spot, the ""AWAICHI"" route is not so complicated. Just go north ahead to AKASHI Bridge.
Pass ""GOSHIKI (Five Color Sand) Beach""

"Pass ""GUNGE"" Town, famous town for incense. You may get a whiff of good scents during the ride."

"Turn right for ""AWAICHI"" route"
"Pass Awaji High School. Only 20km left until CIRCOLO "

"At this time, you will notice KOBE Town; the main land is getting near.
Then, you will see the AKASHI Bridge, looking like the GOAL Gate!
From this point, it is only 10km left to CIRCOLO."

Just along the road, take a cool-down ride until CIRCOLO.
Hope to see you soon and have a safe ride!!!

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.     
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<<アワイチ・七”看板娘”ライド! 淡路の秘宝を訪ねて… >>

昨日27日の月曜は快晴。 しかも11月末にしては非常に暖かく絶好のライド日和。
道中、平蔵氏が落ちてたエロDVDを見つけられる。 今日のライドを暗示している様…

オノレの人徳に苦笑いしながらサイクリング用厚着からTT用の薄着に着替え、腹と脚、腕にHOT BALMを塗る。

出発5分前に仏のマツモト氏・Young Gunウエノ氏が合流。
後方でYoungGunがバキバキゴリゴリと勾配局面でムリクリな変速をしている気配。 彼女にもムリクリ、ヘタクソな◯◯ク◯してンねやろーなーと想像しながらエッチら登る。 南淡路水仙峡ラインの素晴らしい眺めと気候を二人で堪能しながら土生(ハブ)の坂もアウターで。 
頂上を抜けしばらくすると阿万(アマ)のアマテラス( http://a-terrasse.net/ )に。 
いきなりレナちゃんの歓迎! ”可愛い❤️!” まるで白虎や玄武抜きでいきなりシャドウ総帥が現れた様なインパクト。


なんで、写真は了承もなんも得ていませんので掲載しません。 みなさん頑張って郡家のとうげさんに行って見てください。 
淡路牛を使ったコロッケが60円と破格です。 ぜひコロッケと宝石を堪能してみてください。


For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.     
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<<淡路市が一番賑わう日・7月23日(日)・Most valuable FIREWORK Festival in AWAJI Island!!>>


例年打ち上げられる花火は約5千から6千発。 これは10人の観客に対し1ツの花火が打ち上げられる計算とすると関西他地域の花火大会ではトップクラスのお値打ち花火大会といえるカモ?!


JUL/23(SUN), just in front of CIRCOLO (Aprox 1.0km far), we will have FIREWORK Festival.
The Festival will show us around 5000 to 6000 number of Firework to the Audience, around 50000 people visit usually.
This is, estimate as, 1 Firework to 10 Audience. So we can say most Valued Firework festival in KANSAI District.

At the time, CIRCOLO will open Charcoal Grilled Herb Sausage & CORONA Beer Stand, in front of our Place.
So STRONGLY Suggest to come Awaji Island for Bike Ride, then take shower & change at CIRCOLO, then Bite the Sausage & Beer, watching Firework.
So easy to go into Heaven... 

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
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<<淡路島は野ゆりの季節 Season of Lily in Awaji Island>

淡路島をバイクライドしていると山に自生しているゆりの香りがほのかに香ってくることがあります。 特に洲本から南下、水仙峡の近辺でもどこからともなくゆりの香りが漂ってきます。 淡路島は香りの島、線香工場の豊な香りや炭焼きアナゴの美味しい香りだけでなく、菜の花や水仙、ゆりなど季節ごとの花々の香りもサイクリング中に楽しめます。 ぜひ、今週末(日曜はお天気が心配ですが)には自転車で淡路島に!!

In this season, in Awaji Cycling, you can enjoy the Scent of Lily flower especially when you passing the Sth Awaji, around "SUISENKYOU".
While you cycle in Awaji Island, you can enjoy many Type of Scent, such as Scent fm Incense Factory (See our last Blog mentioned about Incense Factory in Awaji Island Incense Tour Guide ), Rape Flower, Narcissus Flower and Wild Lily Flower.
This Weekend, why don't you come Awaji Island for Cycling to search the Scent of Lily flower?

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
(淡路島のレンタル ロードバイク、レンタサイクルはコチラから!)⬇️
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<<ビワは自然のADEステーション? What you should try in Awaji Isl. "LOQUAT">>

One of the famous products of Awaji Island, such as "AWAJI Beef" "Awaji Onion", "Fresh Fish", "LOQUAT" ("BIWA" in Japanese)".
Not so popular fruit but it is unique & quite seasonable one that you can feel the real "Summer coming", since Loquat market is too small and
no one cultivate it with Greenhouse....

Anyway, Not only Cultivating BIWA, but also you can find native (wild?) Biwa in Awaji Island in this season.
You even can find out native one along to coast road. Thus, If you find native BIWA tree, it can be a great ADE Station to replenish your thirst.

Needless to say, You carefully check whether it is CULTIVATING one or NATIVE...
Cultivating one alway covered with Paper bag to avoid any bird attack.
BIWA (Loquat) season is too short. Maybe 2weeks, MID/JUN.

Enjoy AWAJI Cycling and Safe Ride!!

小さいモノなら2ツくらい、ジャージでさっと拭いて口に放り込みモゴモゴ。 質素ですが自然の甘さと酸っぱさがライドで疲れた体に染み渡ります!

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
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<<<<Bike Tour in AWAJI Island, What you Should eat ”淡路・B級グルメ サイクルガイド!>>

Awaji Beef (KOBE Beef is almost same as Awaji Beef, Awaji Beef Fatten at KOBE Side) is one of MOST famous original ingredient in Awaji Island.
However, due of the price, we cannot eat as daily bases (if you are ordinal people....).

One of the most my favorite food, cheap but local tasty food, during Awaji Cycling, is "Japanese Potato Croquette", Deep Fried Mashed Potato.
Usually, Mashed potato is mixed with Chop Beef & Onion, the taste is alway effected by the Quality of Meet & Onion.
Onion is, needless to say, Most popular ingredients in Awaji Island. And Awaji Beef! You can imagine what the Best marriage!!!
Such a Best marriage, you can eat on the way of your Awaji Cycling with cheap price!!

If you start your cycling fm Circolo, our cafe, you go down Sth about 20km, then turn right to East coast of Awaji Island via IZANAGI Shrine.
Then, you go through incense factory area ( CIRCOLO Tour Guide Site ), soon you will reach to a corner of GUNGE village, beside of Police station.
100m west fm the corner, you will find butcher, name as "TOUGE"
TOUGE Google Map

They provide one of the best Croquette as mentioned as above.
Purchase one of plane Croquette (aprox 50cents!!!) fm their many variety, bring them to the Fisherman's port near by.
Watching sunset down into sea, fighting against Local cats that try to get the Croquette, you are almost in HEAVEN!!!
"TOUGE" ( TOUGE Web Site )

チルコロスタートで28号線を南下、約20キロ地点の志筑(しづき)で西へ右折し伊奘諾(イザナギ)神宮 にお参り、線香工場の立ち並ぶ竹谷集落を抜け、西岸の郡家の交差点(郡家警察署)の4ツ角を少し西に移動すると”とうげ”という肉屋さんがあります。 ここのコロッケ(一個65円から)を数個買って近くの漁港でボケーっとコロッケを狙う地元ネコと戦いながら熱々のコロッケを頬張れば、幸福になるのに本当に必要なモノが理解できるでしょう…⁈

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
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<<淡路島でのメカトラ対応リスト! How to survive fm Bike Mechanic Trouble in Awaji Isl>>


①チルコロ: チューブラ(27・26インチ)、クリンチャー、チェン(11・10S)、ワイヤー、Di2充電器(現行)、クリートなど対応可能。深刻なトラブルの場合はレンタルロードバイクにて対応可能。 circolo official WEB      TEL: 0799-64-7533

②バイシクルハブ淡路: 27・26インチ クリンチャー、チェン(11S)、ワイヤー、Di2充電器(現行)など対応可能。Time関係に強い。ここもレンタルバイクにて対応可能。 Bicycle Hub Awaji WEB

③イオン バイク:一般的な部品(チューブ・ワイヤー)は入手可能。基本、自分で修理するつもりで。イオン洲本

④ジロ・デ・あわじ: 27インチ クリンチャー、チェン、ワイヤー、チューブ、Di2充電器(初期型)など一般的なロード部品(10S/11S)は完備。店長に修理依頼も可能だが、店(カフェ)が忙しい場合は自分で修理するつもりで!
ジロ デ あわじ WEB

⑤サイクルショップ・サイトウ: 一般的なロードバイクの部品・修理全般が可能。 南あわじ市松帆古津路181 TEL:0799-36-2124

⑥カットバー カムカム: 散髪屋さんではあるが一般的なロードバイクのメカの修理が可能。散髪屋さんゆえ、部品のストックは無いがワイヤー、チューブ、それと凝り性ゆえのメカの腕が(散髪屋さんが忙しく無い時には)期待できます。 淡路市浅野神田104−6 TEL 0799-82-0809 


Although Awaji Island is one of most popular Cycling place but you can not expect same type of Pro Shop like in Osaka or Kobe.
If your Road Bike got Mechanic trouble, there are several spot you can rely on.
Following is the list and above is the map, each spot place.

①Bikers Cafe circolo: You can expect almost all mechanic trouble. Even Di2 Battery Charge, minor 26inch Clincher Tire. In case Quite Serious Trouble, you can ask Road Bike Rental at there. Circolo WEB TEL:0799-64-7533. Pick Up service can be available, along to the situation (Busy or not so) in Cafe Time.

②Bicycle Hub Awaji: Almost all mechanic trouble can be fixed. In case of Serious Damage, you can also ask Rental Bike. Bicycle Hub Awaji WEB

③Aeon Bike: Cycle Corner in Big Super Market. However, you can get most conventional parts here, like Tube/Wire/Tire or even, SPD Cleat.
To Fix your bike, better to consider to do it yourself.  SUMOTO Aeon WEB

④Giro de Awaji: Most conventional Road Bike parts, such as 700C Tire/Wire/Tube can be available. In case of Mechanic Trouble, you can ask the Cafe Owner to repair your Bike (If his Cafe is not so Busy). In case of Serious Trouble, you can ask Rental Bike. Giro Di Awaji WEB

⑤Cycle Shop SAITOU: Also, Most conventional Road Bike Parts can be available at here. Also, you can ask pick up service if you are NOT so far away.
English cannot be expected. Find out someone to explain in Japanese.... Address: 181 Kozumichi, Matsuho, Minamiawaji TEL:0799-36-2124

⑥CUT BAR COMCOM: It is barber Shop. But you can expect his Good skill if the Barber is not so busy... 700C Tire/Tube and wire can be available.
But again, this is Barber.... Just for your emergency case... 104-6 Kanda, Asano, Awaji City TEL 0799-82-0809 

Ride Safe in Awaji Island and enjoy even the trouble to touch with Local heart!!!

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
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<<How to Transfer to AWAJI Island?? Bicycle Tour to Awaji Island fm KOBE>>

There are not so many way to transfer to AWAJI Island fm KOBE since there is NO Train Service. One is Boat as we explained on our Blog (Circolo Blog Car Transport to Awaji ), personal Car and Public BUS. If you come with Bullet train fm KYOTO/OSAKA/TOKYO, you will step out at SHIN KOBE Station. In front of SHIN KOBE Station, Highway Bus Stop is there.

To go to Awaji Island, and most popular Hotel for overseas, Westin Hotel Awaji is the best choice ( Westin Awaji WEB).
The Bus depart fm SHIN KOBE Station via SANNOMIYA, Center of KOBE City, and reach to the Bus Stop "Awaji YUMEBUTAI MAE" just in front of Westin Hotel.
Suggest you to check in and ask us to deliver your Booked Rental Road Bike to deliver.
Or Step out the bus at "UZAKI" Bus Stop, just after AKASHI Bridge passed. The Bus Stop is just in front of our Cafe, CIRCOLO.

The Distance between "Awaji YUMEBUTAI MAE" and "UZAKI" is only 2.5km (Thus, Westin Hotel and CIRCOLO are 2.5km far away).
The travel fm SHIN KOBE to Awaji YUMEBUTAI MAE" may be 50min Travel and cost 930yen (One way).
Depart fm SHIN KOBE once in a hour at least. Peak time 2 time in a hour.
Better to check their Time Schedule (The Bus Line Name is "OISO GOU <大磯号>" OISO GOU Time Schedule).

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
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<<南あわじの休憩どころ2 Where should Rest for your AWAJI BIKE Tour, Sth Awaji 2>>


岩屋から出発するとアナガまではおおよそ85キロ地点で初心者ならココで宿泊しても良いですが、アワイチの休息ポイントとしてもオススメします。 レーサーパンツでのホテルに入るのは気後れしますがホテル社長がキャノンデール乗りなので大丈夫!

To tell the truth, Hotel ANAGA, is our VERY BEST FABOURITE Hotel in Japan.
Not Super Hi Class Hotel but Everything are, just comfortable. Service, Food, Wine, Price, Facility, Landscape...Comfortable and Super Reluxing.
They are now providing "Stay with Dog" service with separate Villa.
Hotel ANAGA Stay with Dog Service WEB

If you are Cycling "AWAICHI", Round Trip of Awaji Island, depart fm Nth Awaji, such as our Cafe, Circolo, Hotel ANAGA is 85km point.
Suggest to take rest at there, ask "AWAJI Burger" (Need Prior Book), with use Awaji Beef and there French food method.
You can enjoy super great view of "NARUTO Bridge", Pool side Terrace seat.
Great View, great Service, Great food... What else you need more??

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
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<<南あわじの休憩どころ Where should Rest for your AWAJI BIKE Tour, Sth Awaji >>

淡路島一周サイクリング、通称”アワイチ”は基本、淡路島北部の岩屋からスタート、30キロ地点の洲本を過ぎ最大の難所、水仙峡の峠を過ぎて中間地点、福良までが75キロです。 福良は南あわじ最大の観光地なので週末は昼前から大にぎわいでなかなかサイクリストがゆっくり休めるポイントがありません。
そこでオススメは福良の手前、沼島のフェリー乗り場を過ぎ小さな峠を過ぎて76号線から25号線に入って直ぐの 阿万(あま)にあるアマテラス(Amaterrace)さんでの休憩をオススメします。 

  Ama Terrace 参考Blog

Ama Terrace MAP


(一応)オーナーはサイクリスト(らしい??)のでご自慢の黒バット タイムの自転車を鑑賞できます。

"AWA ICHI" mean Round cycling trip Awaji Island, basically start fm Nth Part, Iwaya Port.
Sumoto City is 30km distance fm Iwaya and may be 1st rest place. You can find any place to have small rest at the most big city in the Island.
Passing most hilly place, "SUISEN KYOU", about 200m climb, then you will reach to FUKURA, Most biggest Touring Spot in this Island.
Since TOO MANY Tourists at Weekend in Fukura, It is bit troublesome to have long relaxing time at Fukura.
Thus, recommend to have Bike Ride Rest just before Fukura.
Recommend "AMATERRACE" that newly opened last DEC, just along to "AWA ICHI" route.
The Owner of AMATERRACE is also cyclist (Ex?). You can ask Tube/Tire or wire if you have Mechanical Trouble.

The Recommend is AWAJI Curry, AWAJI Burger. But be careful, Hilly place will start just after you leave AMATERRACE...

For your Road Bike Rental in Awaji Island, pls contact with following our web.
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by やまだへいぞう